Symphony in the Park + Get Paid $165K for Moving + Kevin Durant

Welcome back to The City Cast. Episode 28 already, time moves so fast! Mark and Venkat welcome SBNation writer and fellow Bay-Area resident Andrew Shen to the show. Today it's all about some great food spots in Cow Hollow and North Beach, Symphony in the Park, moving to New Zealand and getting paid just to do so, and THE GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS + KEVIN DURANT! If you're into sports, you'll love this episode as Andrew has a wealth of information about the subject, but if you're not... hopefully you'll still enjoy joining the bandwagon that is the Golden State Warriors :)

Eventhunt - Symphony in the Park (2:00), Isa (4:25), 15 Romolo (7:15). #Trending - New Zealand (9:30). Hot Seat - Andrew Shen & Kevin Durant (15:35).