Pokemon Go + Serena Williams + UFC

Mark and Venkat delve into a ton of topics this week. Of course they start with the phenomenon that is Pokemon Go, how could they not? But then, they go back to some relatively new segments (Masquerade and Hot or Not). Listen to Venkat pose as Elon Musk, Mark as the POTUS, and the two of them chatting about whether a new pigment of blue is something worth talking about.


#Trending – Pokemon Go (1:05). Masquerade – Elon Musk (13:50) , Ghostbusters (16:35) , Serena Williams (19:30) , Barack Obama (21:52). Hot or Not – New Color of Blue (23:45) , Ramen Tasting Summit (26:14) ,  Startups Heading East (28:06) , UFC Acquisition 2 (30:06).