Solar Impulse + PRIDE + Brexit

What a fantastic episode we have for you here today. Mark and Venkat rant off in their own ways on what's been happening with Brexit over the last few weeks and this weekend's PRIDE celebration, but more importantly, they have a wonderful guest on for the show. Mark and Venkat introduce Bertrand Piccard, pilot, physician, world explorer and president of the incredibly innovative company Solar Impulse.

Bertrand is currently on an exploration to fly around the world in an all-solar airplane. He's been through Asia, America (stopped by SF Bay Area), and is currently in Europe, but took some time out of his busy schedule to chat on the City Cast. You can't miss this episode! Visit Solar Impulse at

Hotseat - Bertrand Piccard (0:30). #Trending - PRIDE (19:25) , Brexit (22:32).