LinkedIn + Bay Area Sports Wins + $16 Coffee

Mark and Venkat are back after a couple week hiatus, sorry about that! It's an exciting episode today, discussing Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn, Bill Simmon's Ringer, the overall winning sports mentality in the bay area... And more importantly Mark and Venkat try out their new Hot or Not segment again. What are they talking about in that section? Well, iMessage's revamp, a new restaurant called In Situ, $16 cups of coffee, In-N-Out, and Curb Your Enthusiasm!

#Trending - LinkedIn's Acquisition (0:55) , Bill Simmons and The Ringer (7:40). Big Picture - Bay Area sports always winning (9:57). Hot or Not - iMessage revamp (18:40) , In Situ (21:17) , $16 Coffee (23:48) , In-N-Out (26:36) , Curb Your Enthusiasm (28:27).