Hyperloop + #Starringjohncho + Yay area lingo

And we're back. Today's episode is #Trending, Street Shoutouts (we love your emails, please keep emailing into thecitycast@gmail.com), and a brand new segment called Hot or Not. This segment has no relation (eh well maybe some relation) to the old website where you rate a person's looks. Instead it's about judging whether or not a particular topic, event, or piece of news is a big deal or not a big deal. Perhaps you can label this "something or nothing" if you want! 

Anyhow, Mark and Venkat spend some time talking about the Hyperloop test that recently happened, whether or not VR is HUGE, explaining some Bay Area specific vocab/lingo, and much much more. You won't want to miss it. 

#Trending - Hyperloop test (4:21) , #StarringJohnCho (10:22). Street Shoutouts - Palo Alto date idea (15:20) , Bay Area lingo (18:10). Hot or Not - LeBron vs Steph (23:49) , VR (24:59) , Amazon Echo (27:08) , Facebook trending controversy (28:50) , Peter Thiel for Trump (31:12).