Spoken Word + Arcade Gyms + Coltrane Church

This week, Mark and Venkat are excited to have a guest on the show - Vrinda Gupta - who's been living in San Francisco for the last two years and has been adamant on learning everything there is to learn about the city. Whether it be through the new app Detour or her own adventures throughout different parts of the city, she's been committed to being a sponge, taking in as much knowledge about the city as possible.

Mark and Venkat dive into that curiosity for this episode, and the result is a ton of talk about the history of SF, great restaurants around the city, a mention of an incredible non-profit organization, and much more. Don't miss this episode!

Eventhunt - Calavera (1:45) , Chubby Noodle (6:03), Youth Speaks (9:22). #Trending - Music Festivals (14:05), Arcade Gyms (18:13). Hotseat - Tours of the City (23:49)