About us.


The City Cast is a bay area podcast, covering the latest and greatest on the city of San Francisco and its surrounding areas. Created by Mark Kwak and Venkat Mocherla, two friends currently residing in Northern California, this show is designed to help folks discover the greatness that is the Bay Area. Whether you're a long-time local or someone who's generally interested in Silicon Valley, we sincerely hope that The City Cast has something great to offer you. Here are a list of our current segments:

Eventhunt - A talk about the places we've been this week, whether it be new restaurants, bars, events, etc.

What's Up Bay Area - Coverage and discussion on Bay Area news + current events.

#Trending - Topics that folks in the city are talking about around the brunch table.

Hot Seat - Introducing a guest to the show to provide some expert insights that we clearly cannot.

Big Picture - Focusing on overarching themes about the Bay Area. Perhaps a discussion around Bay Area fashion, or the tech bubble?

Rapid Fire - A 10 minute session where we offer our thoughts on 5 topics, two minutes each.

Street Shoutouts - We read and answer your emails! Email us at thecitycast@gmail.com !

Hot or Not - We make a decision on whether a particular news item is significant or not.

Masquerade - Mark and Venkat get under disguise and pretend to be someone else, whether it be Barack Obama, Colin Kaepernick, or Joe Schmo.

We hope you enjoy the show. You can also visit us on iTunes and Stitcher.



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