The Mission District + Alamo Drafthouse + Kanye

After a week off, Mark and Venkat are back at it again. This time it's all about the Mission district in San Francisco, Kanye West playing iBanker, cool places to have tea via tea cart, Draymond Green and much much more. Please remember to email and review on iTunes!

Eventhunt - Sixth Course (1:22) , Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (3:12). Street Shoutouts (7:40). #Trending - Tidal & Apple (12:45) , Draymond Green (17:35).

Dumpster Fires + Liberal Bubble + Yahoo!

Mark and Venkat chat about dumpster fires. A lot. Outside of that though, some great conversation around Verizon's acquisition of Yahoo's internet business, the top patios restaurants in SF, Jason Bourne, a high-end Mexican restaurant, and so much more. Email Mark and Venkat at btw!

Eventhunt - Cala (0:55) , Burma Love (4:18). Big Picture - Polarization of the Media (7:15). Rapid Fire (20:38).

Pokemon Go + Serena Williams + UFC

Mark and Venkat delve into a ton of topics this week. Of course they start with the phenomenon that is Pokemon Go, how could they not? But then, they go back to some relatively new segments (Masquerade and Hot or Not). Listen to Venkat pose as Elon Musk, Mark as the POTUS, and the two of them chatting about whether a new pigment of blue is something worth talking about.


#Trending – Pokemon Go (1:05). Masquerade – Elon Musk (13:50) , Ghostbusters (16:35) , Serena Williams (19:30) , Barack Obama (21:52). Hot or Not – New Color of Blue (23:45) , Ramen Tasting Summit (26:14) ,  Startups Heading East (28:06) , UFC Acquisition 2 (30:06).

Bookstores + Pagan Idol + Jazz

Instead of recording at their normal location, Mark and Venkat venture out to the town of Glen Park to record inside a classic bookstore... what a great experience! Together, they chat with Eric Whittington, founder and proprietor of Bird and Beckett bookstore right in the heart of Glen Park. Lots to discuss in this episode including the newly opened Pagan Idol, the city of Glen Park, the Maritime Museum, and much much more. 

Eventhunt - Billy Goat Hill (2:58) , Maritime Museum (4:25) , Pagan Idol (6:53). Hotseat - Eric Whittington (9:10).

Symphony in the Park + Get Paid $165K for Moving + Kevin Durant

Welcome back to The City Cast. Episode 28 already, time moves so fast! Mark and Venkat welcome SBNation writer and fellow Bay-Area resident Andrew Shen to the show. Today it's all about some great food spots in Cow Hollow and North Beach, Symphony in the Park, moving to New Zealand and getting paid just to do so, and THE GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS + KEVIN DURANT! If you're into sports, you'll love this episode as Andrew has a wealth of information about the subject, but if you're not... hopefully you'll still enjoy joining the bandwagon that is the Golden State Warriors :)

Eventhunt - Symphony in the Park (2:00), Isa (4:25), 15 Romolo (7:15). #Trending - New Zealand (9:30). Hot Seat - Andrew Shen & Kevin Durant (15:35).

Solar Impulse + PRIDE + Brexit

What a fantastic episode we have for you here today. Mark and Venkat rant off in their own ways on what's been happening with Brexit over the last few weeks and this weekend's PRIDE celebration, but more importantly, they have a wonderful guest on for the show. Mark and Venkat introduce Bertrand Piccard, pilot, physician, world explorer and president of the incredibly innovative company Solar Impulse.

Bertrand is currently on an exploration to fly around the world in an all-solar airplane. He's been through Asia, America (stopped by SF Bay Area), and is currently in Europe, but took some time out of his busy schedule to chat on the City Cast. You can't miss this episode! Visit Solar Impulse at

Hotseat - Bertrand Piccard (0:30). #Trending - PRIDE (19:25) , Brexit (22:32).

Ethiopian food + Ayesha curry + Finding dory

Mark and Venkat are at it again - this time with a new segment. This makes what, 8 segments now? Promise it's a good one though! It's called Masquerade, where Mark and Venkat role play specific people and are asked a poignant question. This week they're role playing Ayesha Curry, Mark Cuban, the Zuck, and Bob Iger from Disney. Apart from that, it's a bit of a talk on career focus, Chinese food, and Ethiopian food. Enjoy!

Eventhunt - Massawa (1:30) , Mister Jiu's (3:59). Big Picture - Career Focus (6:52). Masquerade - Role Playing Different Folks (13:35)

LinkedIn + Bay Area Sports Wins + $16 Coffee

Mark and Venkat are back after a couple week hiatus, sorry about that! It's an exciting episode today, discussing Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn, Bill Simmon's Ringer, the overall winning sports mentality in the bay area... And more importantly Mark and Venkat try out their new Hot or Not segment again. What are they talking about in that section? Well, iMessage's revamp, a new restaurant called In Situ, $16 cups of coffee, In-N-Out, and Curb Your Enthusiasm!

#Trending - LinkedIn's Acquisition (0:55) , Bill Simmons and The Ringer (7:40). Big Picture - Bay Area sports always winning (9:57). Hot or Not - iMessage revamp (18:40) , In Situ (21:17) , $16 Coffee (23:48) , In-N-Out (26:36) , Curb Your Enthusiasm (28:27).

Hyperloop + #Starringjohncho + Yay area lingo

And we're back. Today's episode is #Trending, Street Shoutouts (we love your emails, please keep emailing into, and a brand new segment called Hot or Not. This segment has no relation (eh well maybe some relation) to the old website where you rate a person's looks. Instead it's about judging whether or not a particular topic, event, or piece of news is a big deal or not a big deal. Perhaps you can label this "something or nothing" if you want! 

Anyhow, Mark and Venkat spend some time talking about the Hyperloop test that recently happened, whether or not VR is HUGE, explaining some Bay Area specific vocab/lingo, and much much more. You won't want to miss it. 

#Trending - Hyperloop test (4:21) , #StarringJohnCho (10:22). Street Shoutouts - Palo Alto date idea (15:20) , Bay Area lingo (18:10). Hot or Not - LeBron vs Steph (23:49) , VR (24:59) , Amazon Echo (27:08) , Facebook trending controversy (28:50) , Peter Thiel for Trump (31:12).

HBO silicon valley + Dropbox perks + may the 4th

Welcome back to The City Cast! This week, Mark and Venkat venture into multiple topics that might interest you! For example, whether chivalry is dead in the Bay Area, whether being a Star Wars fan is cool, Silicon Valley the HBO show, and San Franciscans becoming weaker as human beings thanks to technology. Listen in and join the discussion!

Big Picture - San Franciscans becoming weak (4:36). #Trending - Silicon Valley the show (11:27) , Dropbox cutting perks (15:58). Rapid Fire -  Live music in SF (21:42) , Blue Apron (23:45) , SF chivalry (26:15) , May the 4th be with you (27:57) , Drizly (30:25).

No Tech Episode + Fulfilling Passions + Move to South Bay?

This week's episode is unique. No talk of tech... or at least Venkat and Mark try to keep to that rule. Instead it's a talk about whether someone interested in film or traveling can get what they need from the Bay Area, whether someone who does not enjoy alcohol, tea, and coffee can still enjoy what the city has to offer, and whether the South Bay is the place to move to despite the crazy rent prices.

Big Picture - Can you fulfill your non-tech related dreams here? (2:50), Street Shoutouts - Non-tea-alcohol-coffee drinkers (13:20), South Bay vs SF (18:20), Eventhunt - Drake's Dealership (20:40), Powder (23:04).

Spoken Word + Arcade Gyms + Coltrane Church

This week, Mark and Venkat are excited to have a guest on the show - Vrinda Gupta - who's been living in San Francisco for the last two years and has been adamant on learning everything there is to learn about the city. Whether it be through the new app Detour or her own adventures throughout different parts of the city, she's been committed to being a sponge, taking in as much knowledge about the city as possible.

Mark and Venkat dive into that curiosity for this episode, and the result is a ton of talk about the history of SF, great restaurants around the city, a mention of an incredible non-profit organization, and much more. Don't miss this episode!

Eventhunt - Calavera (1:45) , Chubby Noodle (6:03), Youth Speaks (9:22). #Trending - Music Festivals (14:05), Arcade Gyms (18:13). Hotseat - Tours of the City (23:49)

Tesla Model 3 + Robotic Cafe + Politics

This week, Venkat and Mark are talking about... SURPRISE... technology, AI, and politics again. Uh oh. But the good news is that the episode is still fresh, because the topics are a bit more relevant - Cafe X, Tesla, and Bay Area legislation. Also, Mark talks about a unique restaurant, Venkat about a great view in the city, and both about corporal punishment in Singapore?

Timestamps: #Trending- Tesla Model 3 (2:00), Cafe X (8:10). Eventhunt- Coqueta (13:51), Mozzeria (16:50). Big Picture- Politics (20:35).

The Treasury + Food Delivery + Leaving SF

Excited for a new episode of The City Cast? We hope you are! This week Mark and Venkat chat about all these food delivery services out there (DoorDash, Caviar, Eat Club, etc.), Stanford's Bing Concert Hall, a bar called The Treasury, and much more.

They also try to answer YOUR questions! Keep submitting questions/comments/reviews to!

Tay Tweets + Fitbits + Zootopia

Welcome back to The City Cast. This week it's #Trending, Eventhunt, and Rapid Fire. Mark and Venkat talk about Microsoft's new Twitter bot, a renovated house turned restaurant, Scandinavian food, Batman vs Superman, and so much more. Continue to email in at, we want to showcase your questions and comments to everyone!